J. Ahring – September 8 2004


I had a dream last night, and it was very strange. I was in a parked car with my mom and she was in the driver’s seat lecturing me about something. I was looking off at this city that was vacated, listening.


Then I looked at her eyes and her right one was HUGE and the other one was all white with a little black pupil. The color was missing. Then I realized “You’re not my Mom! This is a dream!”


Then I thought – just like I am now – what could I do? So I looked at my hands, deleted her from the car, studied my hands, then looked at all the buildings around me. They had numbers on all the buildings and I couldn’t focus on them! It was impossible.


Then I said “I’m hungry!” Then I was in a huge sunroom house with an Italian family. I mean gangster women with a pound of makeup on – Italian.


Then I went into a backroom with a grocery store row of food. A little foreign boy came up to me and said “Feed them a healthy diet or they become poisonous.” So I looked down and grasshoppersize kangaroos were everywhere! So I fed them wheat thins. That is all I remember.