Ivala – How I Almost Won The Daily Sports Lottery in Lucid Dreaming


I first read a copy of Lucid Dreaming: Gateway To The Inner Self in December 2015. The book is worth its weight in gold (or platinum, take your pick). In January I decided to try out a precognitive experiment, to see if I could predict the winning combination (this consists of the first 5 winners out of around 20 race horses) for the daily sports lottery. I fixed a date to play the lottery, Friday, January 22. I went to bed on Wednesday, January 20th with the intention of waking up in the middle of the night to incubate a lucid dream.


I woke up around 2.30 am and stayed up for an hour. I went back to bed on my back trying to induce a WILD through imagining vibrations flowing through me. This technique often works for me, but it didn‘t this time so I gave up the effort and turned to sleep on my side. I then had this experience which I recorded:


I am having a series of rather incoherent dreams when I suddenly find myself in my old bedroom at my Dad‘s house. Everything is as I remember it. I‘m standing beside my bed at the center of the room. I instinctively look down at my hands and notice that my right thumb is missing! I become lucid immediately; I briefly look away, then look down at my hands again and find the thumb back in place. I quell my excitement and will myself to do a reality check. I walk to the side of the room, beside the door, and will myself to levitate. Immediately I feel a sort of mild vibrational energy course through me as I gently rise about a foot off the floor then float back down.


At this point, I suddenly remember the experiment I had planned in WPR (waking physical reality). I mentally ask: Show me the winning combination for Friday‘s Quinte+ (the name of the particular lottery game I play). The numbers 2-8-3-7-9 come to my awareness immediately. However, the number 10 also comes up as an alternative to 3. I need to be absolutely certain so I prepare to re-launch the question, this time out loud. The lucid dream suddenly collapses and I enter WPR.


I woke up still disturbed by the matter of 3 versus 10, but then decided to go for the former. On Friday, January 22, I bought my ticket (2-8-3-7-9) in the morning. At around 2 pm I watched the race live on TV. The results were 8-3-4 -10-9. I found it remarkable to get this close to winning the jackpot.


After thinking about the matter, I decided that I had probably only accessed my subconscious and not my Superconscious (inner or higher self) by requesting mentally and not aloud. Robert Waggoner recommends that we SHOUT out our requests to the dream. I believe the subconscious is limited in its precognitive ability compared to the Superconscious (which I regard to be All-Knowing). I decided to repeat the experiment, this time focusing on shouting my request out loud.


Unfortunately, since then I have not yet succeeded in generating a lucid dream (and I thought I was a pro!) The experiment continues…