Illucid305 – Keep Going in Lucid Dreaming

I become lucid and walk a bit, but the dream is always fading the last two times so I ask the dream to show me what I need to do.

A white lady with glasses has a book next to her. I read the titles of the book; it has words like ‘rise,’ ‘press up,’ and they keep changing. I start to walk forward. Off in the distance I see a mountain with the mouth of a tiger made out of rock. I think to myself I could just fly there but then think, ‘No.’ So I start to walk and it’s hard to move forward but I just force myself to do so. As I am walking, I’m touching and feeling all the plants on the way; it reminded me of Honduras for some reason. The plants and trees feel so real it’s unbelievable. I get to a part where the street ends, and then there’s a canal.

The dream starts to fade but I rub my arms furiously and it comes back. A couple of steps ahead of me there is a house. It’s in my path so I jump on top of it to see what’s behind it. When I get on top of that one, there’s a bigger house behind it. These houses look old and reddish-orange—I’m thinking a bit of an Asian theme, but not too obvious. They’re also connected to each other. Then I jump on the next one. In one of the windows I see a man wandering around inside. But I go on to the one after that; it is so big that I don’t think I could make the jump so I think about my strategy and while I’m thinking the dream fades.