Illucid305 – Healing Hands in Lucid Dreaming

After a couple of lucid dreams of just wandering around, I remember my dream goal of wanting to meet my brain. I’m in apartments by the beach somewhere downtown in a city. I’m in an area of the building that’s like a lounge area.

Soon I’m greeted by a line of beautiful women. The first one has glasses and looks white; I say,

“You must be my brain.” She nods. I ask her if she could make me not smoke. She doesn’t say anything. Then I think to myself, maybe she can’t MAKE me quit smoking but she can distract me. I ask her to distract me anytime I think about it and she says okay.

Now I’m in this area with a lot of female parts of myself. And I think maybe I’m forgetting my femininity. I ask them if that’s the reason they’re all female and they all laugh but I never get an answer.

One female goes to the floor under where I am, and says something about me wasting time because I was trying to think of questions to ask but I couldn’t come up with anything. I go underneath and say, “C’mon heart, time is an illusion. I have all the time I need to develop myself.” The rest clap half-heartedly.

More people show up; both male and female, black, white, Latino and Asian. There are some big black dudes with bull jerseys on. I ask them who they are and they look at me like, “C’mon.” I think about it and come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter because they are all parts of me.

At this point we hug; I call everyone in for a huge group hug. Mostly everyone joins in. I feel the love for myself from myself and I’m grateful. We all walk out and start heading somewhere.

There’s one girl/part of me who really likes me and is trying hard to get physical with me. She’s wearing a green dress, and is black. I tell her ‘No’ because I feel like that’s incest. So we keep walking and she tells me she thought I was going to go for number one, pointing to a female up ahead. I say, “Why?” and she says, “Because she has a tail.” I say, “She has a tail?” I look just below her dress and sure enough, there’s a tail.

I realize we’re are holding hands and I say, “Hey!” and retreat my hand. She smiles and laughs. I wake soon after.