Ileana Lartigue – The Lighthouse, An Inner Self Connection in Lucid Dreaming

I am travelling. I’m in a medieval city. The city is under some form of attack. People are seeking refuge, gathered under thresholds for protection. The danger passes. I need to get back to my hotel for my luggage but I can’t remember its name or location. I ask a woman standing next to me for help. She doesn’t understand how it’s possible that I don’t know the name or address of my hotel. I explain to her that this is quite natural as I’m in a dream and people aren’t usually aware of that sort of information in dreams. As I say this I realize I’m dreaming. I become lucid.

I ask the dream to take me back to my hotel. The dream complies, and a force starts to pull me through the narrow streets of the city taking me there. But then I think—wait a minute, I’m lucid…why bother with the luggage? Better to use the lucidity for something else. The dream comes to an abrupt halt, waiting for new directions, as I decide what to do next.

I ask to meet my inner self. I feel its familiar presence immediately. I ask it to teach me something. The dream starts to move again. My inner self flies me out of the town to a field of flowers that stretches out in every direction. I’ve been there before, twice at least; both times lucid. There are flowers of all kinds. A very large one that looks like a prehistoric sunflower stands out because of its beauty and detail. It’s incredible.

I’m airborne again and being taken to what feels like a higher dream level. I find myself on a beach, a vast ocean before me. Standing in the ocean, close to the shore, are all sorts of fantastic buildings, foundations under water but the rest of the construction visible. The one right in front of me has an Amsterdam feel to it, beside it a pyramid, behind it a cathedral and so on. They are all in motion, as if carried by the movement of the waves and their rhythm. I’m fully lucid and in wonder at the beauty of the vision. It’s so vivid, so alive, so full of intricate detail. Unbelievable. Is my psyche producing this? Or is this another reality I’m witnessing?

As I’m pondering all this, lost in my reflections on the dreamscape, I turn my sight upwards. In the above, standing on a cloud, half lost in mist, is a lighthouse, white and red spiral reaching up towards the heights. It’s simply magnificent. My heart skips a beat. My eyes fill with tears at the overwhelming beauty of the image. It’s breathtaking.

I realize my inner self is letting me see that it is in everything. It’s the force that is sustaining it all, giving it form, both in waking and in dream state. It’s the presence that is powering everything. It’s a significant moment for me. I’m totally aware that all of these reflections are going on within me, fully conscious, fully lucid, as my body is sleeping. I wake up. I close my eyes again and let myself bask for a while in the intense sensations and magical imagery I’ve just lived through.