I will I Am Caleb Shafer  – The Golden Ship in Lucid Dreaming


I began to fall asleep in a van returning from New York. I lay between two people and start to fall asleep. I don‘t remember the transition (sometimes I do, I love the humming pressure on my head while having a WILD). Suddenly, I am in space. I question my existence and achieve lucidity.


I see several ships but cannot recognize them, for I am focused (and being drawn to) a golden ship. I land on the ship and a man is standing in front of me. He is a tall, slender, black man. He is wearing golden-rimmed glasses, a jazzy purple suit with black liner near the cuffs and collar.


Immediately I ask, “Are you…are you my…”


He interrupts, “I am your soul guide.” Instantly I am removed from my body, finding my Self standing slightly to the left of my dream body and I embrace him. We fall to the deck of the ship and burst into a beam of light and shoot across space.


It was a powerful lucid experience for me, and ever since then I‘ve been really trying to contact my guides again. I love lucidity!