Hunter Gsoell – March 13th, 2011 “Ecstatic Alignment with The Source and Past-Life Recollections” in Lucid Dreaming


I am seated in an auditorium style college setting surrounded on three sides by a bustling shopping mall with the blackboard and professor at the back wall. Class hasn’t started and there are students and shoppers milling about when I notice my mother is seated up and to my left. I turn to remark on the strangeness of her presence when I realize she couldn’t possibly be here as she is currently in Minnesota and I am asleep in my bed in Olympia.


I feel comfortable at this time telling mom how beautiful she is and that I love her so much. The figure responds abruptly: “That’s sweet, but I’m not your mother.” I inquire as to the identity of this imposter in response to which there is some unintelligible muttering and strange blackness oozing from their mouth which ends in: “I’m dead anyways, so it’s not of great importance to you now.” By this time I have reached full lucidity. Remembering an intention set some time ago I stand upon the desk I am seated at and shout: “Source” at which time the whole auditorium turns to face me.


“Source,” I continue now with my audience’s undivided attention, “Source; I love you and all is one with the divine, ecstatic, and eternal motion of the universe.” At this time everyone begins to clap, cheer, dance and undulate. The scene resembles the underground ecstatic dance scene in The Matrix series just before the final battle. I attempt to regulate my emotions by focusing on the fact of my lucidity but am quickly caught up in the joy and false awaken abruptly.


Now I am enclosed in absolute darkness but have the distinct feeling of my feet dancing below me. I recognize this dance as that of the Kashmiri Shaiivite Sage dancing the Spanda, or pure potential energy of the universe. I know the sensation as it is a realm of mysticism I spent two years studying, but in this moment have the distinct and compelling sensation that I am this sage, in 12th century Kashmir, experiencing the divine motion.


I awaken again shortly thereafter as a teenage boy in Spain. I am running to a dream journal at the end of a porch and recognize the marble floor before me, illuminated by sunlight entering off of a veranda. I watch my feet as I run and feel a deep love blossoming in my heart. The sensation is of a deep, heartfelt, and stunning all-embracing amour that I have had the pleasure to experience only a handful of times in my waking life.


Finally I awaken at my friend’s home, and staring out her window overlooking the lake and tress outside am caught in a blissful afterglow and meditation that goes on for some hours.