Helen Symmons – The Girl with a Turquoise Nose Ring Becomes a Crow in Lucid Dreaming


After morning meditation (So Hum mantra and Tibetan bon tradition 3 pills) I had a vivid dream. I was in a shabby office working with a group of men who were all in investments and very rich. One of them showed me a picture of a row of run down shops that he had just bought for the rental income. I suddenly needed to find a toilet and went all over the office building looking for one, then out onto the street where two of the men were dancing together.


I went over to another of the men who was standing by a lamppost and asked him why I could not find a toilet anywhere. I immediately realised I was dreaming as this is a big dream sign for me. I focused my awareness and the scene brightened becoming full Technicolor; it was a street in a metropolis of pop art style like in the film ‘Zero Theorem’. There were cars, people and bright green buses. I rose into the air and noticed a green bus was also floating in the air above the street.


I remembered my intention and asked to experience my higher self, and immediately I was whizzing backwards through a grey void. I was flung into a deckchair and continued moving backwards very fast through a whole group of empty grey deckchairs. I came to a stop by a back wall and there were two young men in front of me sitting on straight back chairs. They both had long brown hair and were wearing smart casual clothes with shiny shirts, like they were straight out of a 60‘s rock band. They both had lovely foreign accents (I thought Colombian for some reason), the one on the left spoke the most, deliberately and slowly, but I could not understand a single word. I told them that I wanted to experience my higher self and asked if they represented it.


They both smiled a little and looked down then stuttered that they did not (I think). The one on the left then lifted up a beautiful pair of gold and turquoise drop shaped earrings. He said he wanted to put one in my nose and implied that my higher self would have the other. As he put it in, on the right side, he said that it would hurt a little so I flinched but felt only a tiny sharpness. I wondered if it would still be there when I woke. I sensed the meeting was over and explained to them that I wanted to find my purpose in life. They just looked at me blankly, so I said, ‘I have to do that myself right?’ and got the impression that they thought I did.


I came out of the large room into a wide open space, the sky was stunning with beautiful clouds; it was a silver grey blue rather than bright blue. I came to a railing and looked over, there was a vast lake stretching out in front of me. It had a small island in the middle with a few trees. I took off into the air and remembered my other shapeshift intention; I asked to fly as a bird would, particularly thinking of a crow. I found myself in the air soaring and gliding with my arms outstretched but I could feel they were actually wings.


I could just see the tips of the wings which had long black feathers and I wondered why I was not seeing them as silver (as Castaneda had done). I did not feel any different or bird-like, but the flying felt amazing I was gliding effortlessly so decided to bank round by tipping my left wing down. I swooped round towards the island then I banked the other way but suddenly lost my focus and confidence. I felt my stomach turn and came down very fast onto a cobbled street, then woke.