Harald – The Missed Dragon in Lucid Dreaming

I watch pictures portraying scenes of non-existing episodes of an anime show (DBZ).

As the last pictures envelope my field of vision, I find myself in a colorful Asian garden. Suddenly I hear a strong, whiny, hissing sound. The scene becomes gray and cold. I realize (this realization is a thought, not a fact) the sound originates from the water circuit of the radiator in my “physical” room. I’m dreaming.

An Asian clothed, long draped man with mask passes by. The weather and scenery strikes me as eerie and beautiful. I cheerfully note to the character, “There’s a chilly wind, isn’t it?” There’s no response except a dull look. Ahead stands a traditional Asian-styled clothed girl with a triangular mask. In my lucid state, I ask, “Could you show me the most beautiful dragon you own?” She signs to follow her along a large still pond. I try to stabilize my conscious awareness by tasting my fingers.

Along the shore of the pond stands a pale girl looking at the water; she resembles my mother. I want to whisper something in her ear, but the moment I stand behind her I can’t resist the urge to grab her in an erotic embrace. She feels incredibly soft. But by grabbing her we lose balance and fall towards the surface of the water. I force myself to ignore the gravitational pull and focus on the act of love.

As we fall, I lose all visuals and I hear a group of low male voices rhythmically chanting (humming). This suspended state lasts until I climax and wake up. I was frustrated to have passed up a perfect lucid opportunity (I didn’t get to see the dragon) for carnal pleasure, and after registering my dream, I go back to sleep.