Harald De Bondt – Celestial Boxer and The Voids in Lucid Dreaming

Something is making me afraid. There are people around me and I realise I don’t want to suffer anymore, which triggers my lucidity. My intention was to consecrate my dream to the consciousness. I go outside, because for some reason I feel closer to the dream when I am outside, and say to the dream, “I offer this dream without any expectations, karmic fruits or consequences.” Than I wait for the acceptance of my offer.

I ask the dream for a celestial entity. An old grey man appears, between 50 and 60, with grey clothes. He grabs a hold of me and puts me in the water, then pulls me out—and again, quite violently. I follow him to a sports place where he wants to spar with me, do some boxing. I hold a cushion for him, which he starts kicking and punching; he starts throwing very quick punches, but softly, like the batting of butterfly wings.

I get tired of it after a while. My vision becomes fuzzy and I remark to the old man. “I am losing lucidity here, I have to change my dream.” I try rubbing my hands but it doesn’t help; I have no patience.

Standing on top of an apartment in a deserted overgrown city, I use my favorite technique of drawing a portal on the ground: a narrow white bar on the ground, which I widen up. Head first, I go inside it. 

At first everything is black. All kinds of huge abstract objects appear, transforming into buildings, floating around me. They are very colorful and full of ornaments which make distinct sounds when I throw stuff at them. These interactive sounds started because of me chanting the mantra “Ohm.” I am thinking this could be a cool game, while I am floating towards a building and throwing a banana. The game feels not really about the  throwing, more the feeling of huge objects coming towards me, while I am gently falling down.

I keep throwing softly around me while I “fall,” creating a sequence of sounds forming a complete electronic song. The first window, portal, I created reappears and a voice starts talking to me. I see a white rectangle inside it and, after a few moments of reflection, decide to penetrate it.

I continue chanting in the space which is now completely white. The chanting really helps me to stay focused and grounded. I start meditating and the voice of a girl echoes, “Look at how we are always distracted.” I ignore it and keep sitting. I feel pleasant, without sensation, but my mind is not completely still.

I start chanting a different, secret, mantra from Laya yoga which is believed to resonate with supreme consciousness. I have trouble pronouncing it and realize it is not something I can work with. I stop chanting and fall back in my bed, start chanting again, and immediately sit back in meditation in the void.

Once I come out of the meditation, I am falling towards the ground and a huge robot is standing below me. The thought of a very dramatic entrance pops up. I want to cut it from head to toe, while falling, with a towel in one big swoop. It doesn’t work.

I feel done with the dream; I want to wake up. Now standing on the ground, the robot is falling from above, trying to crush me with his feet. I make a gesture towards the robot and walk around the shadow of the approaching foot. The robot trips over, crumbles, and a bunch of people come out of it, elated. Other people surrounding me are less happy, almost sad.

Standing in a rib joint, they want to serve me some. But I don’t eat them. They propose some “Harald stuff,” a wrap stuffed with leafy veggies and sweet stuff, which I grab and eat with satisfaction.