Gustavo Vieira – Talking to My Reflected Self in Lucid Dreaming

Most of my lucid dreams start in bed in the same position I went to sleep. This is because I perform WILD and after the usual buzzing sounds and body vibrations, I wake up in the dream that way. One of the things I like to do is to go to my bathroom and see myself in the mirror. It’s always me in the reflection but always with variations. One time I saw myself dressed as a medieval joker, another time with evil eyes, but mostly it’s a slightly distorted me and a little older (I look like I’m 10 years older but more elegant; it’s curious).

I always talk to myself in the mirror and the “reflected me” answers. It doesn’t make the same gestures as me, so it’s like another person.

This is the very first experience I had talking to my reflected self. This dream happened in December 2012:

I enter a room and I become lucid as I see myself in the mirror. I go near the mirror to talk to myself, an older but more elegant me:

Me: “Who are you?”

Reflection: “I am me and you are you. Where do you come from?”

Me: “From the other side of the mirror.”

Reflection: “Then I am you, too.”

Me: “But you’re not making the same gestures as me. That body is not mine. It’s different.”

Reflection: “When you dream of your mother or grandmother, are their bodies different?”

Me: “Ahmmm… No…”

Then I woke up at that strange question.