Gustavo Vieira – Philosophical Conversation in Lucid Dreaming


Lately, in my lucid dreams, I tend to ask about various things. On a recent lucid dream, while I’m watching my hands all deformed, two children come to me. They are bald, and remind me of Tibetan Buddhist children. But their eyes are very small and too close to each other for a normal human. I then ask some philosophical and religious questions. This is the conversation:


Me – “Who are you?”


Child – “I am me. I’m a being that exists’… etc. (Here he says such philosophical stuff that I do not remember, unfortunately.)


Me – “What is the purpose of life?”


Child – “It’s to live a life after another.”


(I then rephrase the question)


Me – “And what is the meaning of life?”


Child – “It’s the same thing.”


Me – “Then, when we die, do we go to another life?”


Child – “Yes.”


Me – “Does Heaven exist?”


Child – “Yes. Heaven is the interval between one life and another.”


Me – “Does God and Jesus exist?”


Here comes to me a priest, speaking fast and with religious and philosophical terms about being prophets, but unfortunately I do not pay much attention because I feel I’m about to wake up and am concerned to try to keep on dreaming. Oh well. I’ll try again next time.