Gustavo Vieira – Meditation Inside the Dream in Lucid Dreaming


I have read that some people meditate inside a lucid dream. I am not experienced at meditation and I don’t even call myself a beginner. I have meditated a couple of times and saw some videos on how to do it. But I had to try just a simple mediation technique in a lucid dream. Here are two of them.


(Dream 1 – August 24, 2013)


I’m on a street, already lucid, and I decide to meditate. Not moving my upper body, I cross my legs so that I’m hovering in the air. I have a lot of elasticity here. I put my hands on my knees and I ask for the dream to take me to where it wants me to go, and to show me something interesting. I do not close my eyes.


I begin to fly along the street. I then cross to the other side of the street and enter a building. I’m in a corridor with low light, but I see what appears to be South American Indians there. After that corridor, I enter a restaurant. It is well presented, with a covered terrace. There are several people eating, men and women, mostly of middle-age, all silent, no talking. They are all sad and depressed. They also seem South American.


I fly around the restaurant, and even go through walls and windows. When I go for a second round, I say to the dream, ‘If you want me to talk to someone, do it now.”


But after 5 seconds, I wake up.


(Dream 2 – November 3, 2013)


A lot of lucid things happened (too long for me to share it here). But at some point, the environment begins to fade. Everything disappears and all is gray. Willing to not wake up, I decide to meditate with my eyes open. I put myself into position; crossed legs and hovering in the air.


I then start to breathe slowly, concentrating on my breathing. I see a drawing of a figure in the same position I’m in, but inside a circle with symbols, then it disappears. I begin to see the image of a top of a tree take form and feel like I’m hovering and spinning.


I stay calm and still. I continue to meditate. After a while, the tree becomes vivid and I stop spinning. I made it. Then I go my way to explore and have more adventures.