Gustavo Vieira – Girl With Psychic Abilities in Lucid Dreaming


I wake up in the middle of the night, I go to the bathroom and go back to bed. While I’m getting back to sleep, I start to feel vibrations. It’s another WILD experience I’m having, those OBE-like ones. I start to detach from my body and I get out of bed. Here I am, inside a dream, already perfectly lucid. I do what I always do when this happens: I go to my bedroom window, open it and see what landscape is in front of me.


This time, near my window is a calm street and a girl approaches me. She asks my name and where I’m from. I tell her. Then I ask her name: Girl: “My name cannot be told like that. I’m gonna show you something. RED IS BLACK.” As she says this, she puts her index finger on my forehead and says:


Girl: “Are you seeing something?”


Me: “Yes. I see a windmill toy.” (I see this object, as it was on her index fingertip but inside my head.)


Girl: “Ok. Correct. Now, think of a project. It can be your dream project or a trip.”


Me: “Can it be a work project? Something that I want to work on?”


Girl: “Yes.”


And I wake up. Right on the most important part. What a strange but curious thing. It was like she had psychic abilities or something and was doing some tests on me. And I wonder, if I didn’t wake up, if she would tell me something about my projects.