Gustavo Vieira – Bending Technique in Lucid Dreaming


Sometimes lucidity comes to me just because I sense that the ambience is very dream-like. I mean, I feel lighter, the lights are clear but a little blurry. On this day, when this triggered my lucidity, I remembered to try to do the street bending technique, as seen in the Inception movie. I’ve been thinking of doing that for a couple of days. It was easy to do, but it was hard to maintain it:


I’m on a street near my house. I start thinking about bending the street. It folds up easily and stands upright (90 degrees). Then I want it to bend over to be on top of the street where I’m standing.


This is done but in a very fast way. I hear a bang. As this was very fast, I put the street at its original location (I unfold it). I try again. I concentrate more and the whole street bends more slowly up to 90 degrees. Then it closes fast again. It makes a bigger bang sound, and it becomes a giant cube and starts rolling over the street like a dice. It destroys all as it passes through. It becomes a disaster. But it was an interesting experience.