Gustavo Vieira – A Talk With Interesting Facts in Lucid Dreaming


When I get lucid, sometimes I like to have conversations with dream characters, ask them what they represent, if they are a product of my imagination, if they can tell me something important, etc., regardless of what I believe what dream characters are. Sometimes I get curious conversations.


On one of those dreams, I‘m walking down the street when all of a sudden I feel like I‘m dreaming. I‘m lucid. I put myself in a meditation pose and I let the dream guide me. I‘m flying down the street where I see some people selling clothes. I stop in front of a salesman. He’s a middle-aged white man that starts to transform into a black young man. Here’s my conversation:


Me – “Do you have something important for me to know?”

Man – “1986. Earthquake.”

Me – “1986? Why?”

Man – “Because then you had 80 years-old.”

Me – “Is that my past life?”

Man – “Yes.” Me – “Who was I before?”

Man – “King Charles.”

Me – “And where was that?”

Man – “Africa. 1920.”


I greet him and the dream fades away with me trying not to forget that talk.


In waking reality, I went to the internet to see if that checks with any existing information. I found some similarities of what that man said. I found that there was a Charles Dunbar Burgess King (Man – “King Charles.”), he was president of Liberia starting 1920 (Man – “Africa. 1920.”). He died in 1961, age 86 (Man – “1986…”). And the picture I saw online kind of looks like him in the dream.


And, strangely enough, it has some similarities with some people of my family. I‘m a Caucasian man from Portugal but I was born in Angola and I have some black people in my family on my mother’s side. But he was not family because I asked my grandmother. I‘m certain I did not know this president or his history prior to the dream. It may be coincidence but it’s curious how a lot of information fits in.