Gustavo Adolfo del Valle – Lucidity by Running in Slow Motion in Lucid Dreaming

I have entered a lucid dream just after a regular dream in which I was running in slow motion and suddenly I decided — but not consciously — to take off. After that I felt a sudden jolt of energy and then I was lucid dreaming. I remembered to rub my hands and the lucid dream endured for a couple of minutes.

Last night almost the same thing happened . . . I was running in slow motion, but this time I didn’t take off. It was just after a few slow-motion steps that I entered a state that I believe was more like a pre-OBE state, if such a thing exists. I didn’t get out of my body even though I tried. I also remembered to rub my hands to extend the state and it took longer to be able to move my hands than in the previous case. I saw cat’s eyes and the image of Darth Vader. I don’t know entirely what happened there with those images.

I would really love hearing from others who may have experienced this state or states after running in slow motion, as it would help me to reinforce this “technique.” Thank you so very much.

Warm regards! Gustavo Adolfo del Valle,