GS – Talking to Grandma in Lucid Dreaming


I’ve had many lucid dreams before… my first one probably being when I was 7 or 8. I remember walking around and telling people in my dream that I was dreaming. Now I’m 27 and try to remember to ask more probing questions in dreams. I never seem to find logical or clear answers though. Last night I was lucid dreaming and manifesting people I wanted to talk to. I manifested my old boss and told her how much I hated her and how she was a *itch. I obviously knew I wouldn’t get in trouble so I was just going to town!


I don’t think I meant to manifest my deceased grandma, but I turned and there she was standing against a railing. I was very excited to see her! I remember it being very white behind her and it made me think I might be dead, or have gone too far into my dreaming that I might not be able to wake up. I asked her if I was ‘too far in’ and she really didn’t answer me, but I realized it was a ‘no.‘ I’m a slight hypochondriac, and also asked a question in reference to if I’ll live a long life or if I’m in good health…and she didn’t directly answer me, but from what I remember her ‘answer’ seemed positive and she said something along the lines of me being surprised.


I gave her a big hug and told her how glad I was to see her, and before the dream was over if there was something she could tell me that only me or my mom would know- so that I knew it was really her and not a figment of my imagination…and I think I remembered what she said wrong, but I recall something about pickled chicken (?) or something like that. I asked my mom when I woke up and my mom couldn’t really think of what it could be. Even with a silly answer like that to confirm it was her, I still think it was my real grandma visiting me in my dream, not just a figment of my imagination.