“Girls” From Another Reality in Lucid Dreaming


Lucid, I am with M at what is supposed to be our Grandmother‘s place. For some reason, we know that we are not supposed to be there. The area seems to overlap with another culture, in another reality. I start to go upstairs. It’s filthy. The stairs are full of debris, it‘s hard to get up through it. I pull myself over stuff and move things out of my way as I look around.


I know something is not right, but it feels so real I almost question if this could not be a dream after all. Then I look out a window and see three or four dark-skinned girls smiling, singing, and dancing in the sunshine. I know I’m dreaming, and I go out to the girls. I want to talk to them about this place (this reality).


At some point we are in a moving vehicle (similar to a car) with these (non-human) people. Most of them seem teenaged and female yet they say they have no real sex distinction. One of them, though, looks more male than female. M and I describe to them the sex/gender differences in our reality. The mostly -male of the group says, ‘You mean like some of the girls here,’ (in his culture). We just say, “Yeah,” assuming they must have only a few “true” females and that they are rare.


Then, in another scene change, M and I are in a basement. We discuss meeting those ‘girls.‘ M opens an air valve on some piece of equipment. It makes a loud hissing noise and draws the ‘girls‘ from the other reality. As they come down the basement stairs, M say, ‘We had to get your attention somehow.’ In some way the hissing noise accomplished this.


They sing and dance all around us, and we join in as best we can, playing with them. Soon an older female(?) comes down the stairs, presumably looking for them. I think that she must be their mother. She appears to have two rows of top teeth but otherwise looks human. She is wary and makes a rude comment about M. I retaliate with a rude comment about her, but realize that is wrong of me, so I explain to her that we are from another reality and that we find their culture beautiful and fascinating and want to learn more.


She is flattered and says to one of her daughters that they should sing the “*****ship” song to us. (I don’t remember the whole title or word on waking.) It seems it is an ancient song, a ‘song of creation‘ or something like that. The girls think it’s a great idea, and as they begin to sing, I wake.