Gina –  08/03/11 To Infinite and Beyond…or So I Hoped in Lucid Dreaming


I awoke at 1:30am. Unable to return to sleep at about 3am, I began inducing a relaxation technique where I begin at my toes and work my way up, breathing deep, tensing and relaxing. That gave way to concentrating my inner vision on my third eye and silently chanting ‘Ohm’ while my deep breathing continued. I still felt fairly awake, thus I was surprised to all of a sudden ‘see’ a short, winged, smiling man jump from above to greet me as my eyes lit upon him.


I asked his name. My request was met with mirth-like silence. I was then approached by another angelic be-ing, this time a girl of about six years whose hair was shiny white, as white as her skin. She hugged me and beamed up at me. I hugged her back. Slowly I looked around me, attempting to observe as much as my surroundings in as much detail as possible. This triggered remembering my task. “To Infinite and Beyond!”, I excitedly exclaimed twice. My hands drew the Infinite symbol in the air both times. As I was on my feet, in a room, the second time I said this I felt myself slipping…somewhere. Alas, it was back into a ‘normal’ dream.


I am so elated of this experience, for it has been a while since I’ve gone lucid, but I sense it is an invitation for more of these experiences.