Gerard Nijhuis – Lucidity Got My Goat in Lucid Dreaming


Generally, my lucid dream experiences start to occur in the very early morning. I would have already woken up a few times just before day break and something out of the ordinary in a dream would invite me to become aware of the dream space. In this particular instance it truly felt like I had just gone to bed. There was no particular precursor for becoming lucid. I went to sleep and next thing I know I am standing in the bathroom directly connected to my bedroom in my, then, Texas home. It is pitch black and I am fully aware, more aware than I usually become in a lucid state.


I stand in the bathroom facing the mirror, but before I even notice my vague reflection in the dark I know I am not in human form. I am very much aware I am a white goat with floppy ears. I instantly panic, not because of the shape shifting, even though I truly wonder not how I became like this, but rather the question of how permanent this will be. I feel very vulnerable and feel like something/someone is aware of me and is standing behind me. I also notice that I appear to be stuck with my back end forced against the tub and my front pushed against the counter.


Frantically, I attempt to turn around. I feel and hear my hoofs on the tiled floor! Clickety-clickety-click! I KNOW someone is behind me. I feel very threatened and I want to move. I want to scream for help, but all that comes out of my mouth is BAA, BAA!


Then the next moment I sit up in bed and it is all over and even though it felt like I had just gone to bed, it is already 2:00 a.m.


It is truly one of the most amazing reality changing experiences I have had. Considering the difference in awareness between the various lucid dreams I have had over the years and this shapeshifting one, I don’t even know if it truly was something in the dream scape, in other words something inside of me, or something completely different.


Hopefully, if it ever happens again, I will keep my cool and find out who/what was behind me and what the exact lesson is behind shapeshifting.