Gabriella – Travelling Through Time


I’m in a classroom and the teacher is talking about something that I don’t know. He comes towards me, looks at me and asks me “Are you prepared?” When he speaks, he smiles wickedly at me. I’m confused and anxious, and my anxiety increases more and more ….. at this point I realize that I’m dreaming. How pleasant! The anxiety disappears and I’m free!!


I decide to fly, but my visuals change gradually, and lose colors and perspective. I remember LaBerges’s technique and I start spinning like a top: a few times I enter into a new dream scene, where I’m dancing with a young girl. I’m confused about my identity and I don’t know the day’s date. I think I am in a different age from mine.


I look at a very big mirror and I see myself: a middle-age woman, all dressed in black and white. I realize the strangeness of the situation – I’m the house’s governess! I’m looking around attentively. The vast room is furnished with 1930’s pieces… I see antique ivory objects, totally foreign to me…. I see old pictures, old chandeliers…. Am I in another age, really?


I would like to speak to somebody. The little girl has disappeared, but her father is coming into the room. I ask him for permission to read a newspaper (I would like to read the day’s date). He gives me a journal, but my dog barks just at that moment and I wake up!