Francisco – What is Your Greatest Fear in Lucid Dreaming

I was walking down a street. It was a dark night. I saw a creepy old house on my left. I became lucid and heard a male voice say, “This place is strong in the dark side. In you must go. This is where your deepest fears inhabit.” As I headed towards the door I saw a darkened window with a white stain, it looked like a hand. I was reluctant to go in but said to myself, “This is a dream, if I can’t bear it, I can choose to wake up at any moment.”

I got into the house; it was dark. The male voice asked, “What is your greatest fear?” “My father,” I thought. I saw a metal statue of a man, his face was facing me. First I looked at his legs and then started to look up. He was a boxer and looked like my father at a young age. On my right I saw another metal statue near a wall. It was a man wearing a suit and a tie. I’m not sure who he was but he seemed like my paternal grandfather.

There was a painting on the wall, of a family sitting around a table. I looked to my left and there were more paintings of families sitting around a table. The place began to slowly become clearer. The male voice kept saying, “Ancestors, ancestors, ancestors….” The faces in the paintings looked strange; they were unusually long with very broad foreheads. I looked down and saw a fine carpet. Two little sheep were on it. I remember saying, “Little sheep,” then I felt anguish and chose to wake up.