Esther Manning Oct 2011 – The Pyramid and Feeling Tone in Lucid Dreaming


I was jogging and realized that my movements were too slow-motion like. I decided to jump up to see if I was dreaming even though it didn‘t feel like I was. I felt a bit embarrassed to do so in front of all the people around, but I did anyway and sure enough, I flew! That first moment of realizing that you are dreaming is so amazing; every single time the joy I feel is so engulfing and freeing. To be lucid once again, it‘s a gift.


As I was flying I knew exactly what I wanted to do. (I am reading a Seth book by Jane Roberts, “The Nature of Personal Reality,” and had finished the chapter on feeling tones a while back.)


Robert Waggoner had mentioned in his book on lucid dreaming that he had once asked the dream that he wanted to know his ‘feeling tone‘, and he had a profound experience. So I decided to see what my feeling tone was. While flying I hollered to the dream, ―I would like to hear and experience my feeling tone!‖


All of a sudden I was halted in mid air, and hung there suspended, high above the ground with houses and trees and hills below me. The wind picked up and I saw and felt autumn tree leaves swirl around me like a tornado, the rustling sound of the wind and the leaves filled the air. Then a pyramid materialized above my head; it was a metal framed pyramid, open on all sides. I reached up and grabbed the bottom right and left frame parts of the pyramid. As soon as I did all sound stopped, and all light disappeared, and I hung there in utter darkness and silence, waiting for my feeling tone to start. I made a quick mental note not to lose lucidity, but to be aware and await my tone. But nothing happened, not a sound.


I was fighting to stay lucid, when I found my feet touching the ground and the scenery change into an area inside a large building with a wooden door in front of me. There was someone in the room with me but I did not look at her or him, I just said that my attempt to hear my feeling tone had failed. I wondered what to do next because I wanted to stay lucid. I was still holding on to my pyramid and ended up lowering my arms so the point of the pyramid was facing the door. I decided to fly through the door and to pretend I was a rocket with the pyramid as the rocket tip.


felt myself grow really long like a rocket and the pyramid yanked me forward at an amazing speed. I felt that I had to try again to find my feeling tone, so I asked the dream, ―Please let me hear and experience my feeling tone!‖ Again I halted in mid air, and hung there waiting for my tone. Then in the utter silence I heard a very soft barely noticeable tone. I strained to hear it, but it was ever so soft. I asked the dream, please make it a little louder, but I woke up.