Erichsa – The First Children’s Flying School in Lucid Dreaming


I am 84 and started three years ego to study dreaming. By now I recall long and short dreams nightly, very seldom lucid, but clear dreams. At the moment I practice Liminal Dreaming as I now understand that I had liminal flashes often mainly during an after lunch nap. This is a lucid dream I had about two years ago:


I was body flying over a huge crater. I knew I was dreaming. I thought to myself, ‘Great flying, lets fly to the rim.‘ On the edge about six kids between the ages of about three and twelve came to me. ‘Can we also fly like that?‘ they asked. I replied, ‘Yes, if you firmly believe that you can fly, you will.‘


With that advice I jumped into the crater to fly back, but to the left and right of me the kids were flying with me, all at my height except the youngest who was flying near the bottom. The eldest flew down and helped the youngster to fly up to our level. We all flew back to land near the parents who had come.


I told the parents, ‘Your kids are the first in the world who can fly and teach others.‘ With that I started to fly back home – and that is the corny part. I flew into a beautiful sunset.