Eric F. – Tasting Food in a Lucid Dream

I had always wanted to taste food in a lucid dream. I had read accounts from some lucid dreamers describing the sensation of taste by eating or drinking during a dream. I found it fascinating to try this experience during my own lucid dreams and so I set myself this challenge.

Unfortunately, when I found myself in this situation during my dreams, it was not that easy. When I tried to swallow in the dream, the connection between my dream body and my physical body was so strong that I really wanted to swallow, and then I woke up systematically.

It took me a great deal of effort to convince myself that I could swallow during the dream without the action being reproduced in my physical body, in the same way that it is possible to move one’s arms or legs in the dream while the physical body is quietly lying in one’s bed.

Finally, one night, I become lucid in a dream: I find myself walking at dusk on a sidewalk in Paris. Some streetlights are lit. I perceive a little further away the illuminated entrance of a café. Reminding me of the challenge I have set for myself, I hasten to go there and enter. Inside, I find a traditional ‘brasserie’ atmosphere, with wooden tables and mirrors on the walls. I walk up to the counter and ask for a double hot chocolate. I take a moment to remind myself that I am dreaming and that what I am going to do will have no effect on my physical body which is quietly sleeping.

I drink a sip and am surprised to feel the usual taste of good hot chocolate, which I can swallow without difficulty and without waking. I decide to try my luck further by looking for something to eat. I see croissants on the counter next to me. I take one bite and there again, I can feel the usual taste of croissant.

When I wake up, I am quite excited by this experience. It shows the power of mental conditioning corresponding to setting a clear, simple task to be performed in the dream state. This is a good lesson to remember for future great lucid dreams!