Emily N., California – Touching the Tip of Time in Lucid Dreaming

I’m at a semi-formal banquet party with most of my friends and some acquaintances. Sitting across from me at a long table is my good friend, Raj. The table is filled with really nice dinnerware. I’m enjoying the scene and people-watching when all of a sudden time slowed then completely stopped. Everyone is in suspended animation. No noise, no movement.

I look around the room in awe and see an odd-looking man I don’t know who looks suspicious or more aware on some level. He seemed to ‘pop out’ from another dimension within the frozenness of others, like he was waiting for me to notice him. His ‘popping out’ seemed to trigger lucidity.

Now lucid, I turn my attention back to my friend. At this point, we are outside of time and there is an overwhelming sense of peace and stillness that words cannot quite capture; ringing to a certain high vibration/raised consciousness. The dream space then becomes shaky, like time was trying to unfreeze. I felt the tension of time trying to resume all around.

The dinnerware starts rattling and I get the strongest inclination to clasp hands with my friend across the table. We do so, and I prompt him to ‘stay with me.’ My intention seemed to be of a helping manner for him. The dream space becomes a little more stable. Still holding hands, I notice there is a certain healing energy being created with myself and my friend as we hold hands.

I then notice the strange man is now standing beside my friend. I get the sense he is a sort of guide for the both of us but more for my friend. Still a little shaky, my lucidity goes in and out, but the strange man thenleads us through a series of exercises to help transcend certain energetic blocks. I do not recall specifically, but again feel these exercises were meant more for my friend. I then awake feeling exhilarated.