Emily – Meeting an Older Version of Myself in Lucid Dreaming


I find myself naked in the house I am moving into in a week down at Ohio State University. My parents walk in and this is when I realize I’m dreaming. I recall my consciousness slipping in and becoming very excited because I realize that all this nude dream means is I don’t want my life to be exposed to my parents anymore, that this is something new I have to explore alone. I find I’m still dreaming and think that this must be very important so I should keep going.


The dream shifts and I’m in front of a mausoleum, only instead of writing above the tall doors there are angled mirrors. I look up and see myself, clear as day and I look exactly like I do in real life. I become very excited once again because I realize I have never had a dream with mirrors, and never so clear and vivid.


I realize what is inside must be important; I struggle to open the doors and when I do I am greeted by a huge steamy room, the walls are made of mirrors that are fogged with the steam. I hear someone talking about a person whose name I know but have never met. They say that she has died, I recall thinking this detail is just the dream part, I have to continue on and see what this dream is about.


The halls of mirrors become dim and I find myself in what I can describe as a cross between a bar and a coal mine. The walls and floor are dirt, it is lit by candle light and the tables are old worn wood. I sit down and people begin to pass by, all people from my past. One that clearly stood out was a past art professor, the others I can’t clearly recall.


An older woman sits before me. She has dark brown coppery hair with a large grey streak in the front. She puts her hands on the table and I notice a silver ring with wolves running on it. [Note: I am 21 and already have a natural grey streak and also wear a wolf ring.]


I realize this is an older version of myself. I am gripping at the dream now, my consciousness so aware it begs me not to influence what she says. But I know I must ask her what she has done in life. She responds with a smile and a sigh, she says while also gesturing to her abdominal area that being a woman has made things hard in her life. I press more, I recall wanting career details but she just looks at me and says that she always had her husband and her animals by her side. It was at this point when I woke up and wrote down every detail I could recall.