Elena – April 15, 2009 Testing My Lucidity in Lucid Dreaming


For the previous few days I had been reading the book by R. Waggoner, Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self, and decided that I wanted to become lucid.


In a dream I see a dream figure, a young man, who I describe as a con-type, who suggests I check on how lucid I am and offers to play a game with me to see whether I can remember this dream while being in this state.


We play some sort of a memory game. It is so easy to remember, that I decide not to wake up to record it, but instead to rely on my memory and to see what happens next. The young man does not give me time to concentrate to remember the last game and starts a new game immediately. He says,”You are not gonna remember it anyway.” The second game I remember.


I am driving in a posh car with the car’s top off. I am coming to an entrance of a huge mansion with a large wrought iron gate, behind which a long driveway can be seen. At the beginning of this driveway I see the con-man, dressed as a valet or like a bell boy at a hotel, in a round red hat and red uniform. I know that this is a dream and he is my tester. He says that I need to pay for the parking. I pay some money and go further down the driveway when he says, “You’ll see. You’re gonna forget that you’ve paid already and I will make you pay again.”


While I am driving the next 100 yards or so, with my peripheral sight I see that he is running very fast along the driveway. He comes to the next station before me, then stops me again and says that I have to pay. He is looking at me, smiling, checking to see if I remember him. I reply that I remember everything and he’s not gonna trick me this time.


I am laughing that I could win this dream memory game. I wake up still laughing.