Ed Kellogg – Tracked Down for a Lucid Dream Healing ©2014  in Lucid Dreaming


5/20/2014 (pre-lucid to lucid) ‘. . . I go through the passageway to a backstage storage area, with the wife and assistant of a stage magician. . . We find a small wood medicine chest / alchemist‘s box. She wonders whether it seems a real alchemist‘s box, or just a prop or imitation. When I open it, I see the drawer has lots of little glass vials with antique metal tops, with powders inside. Evidence enough for the woman to identify it as a genuine alchemist‘s box. It reminds me of a homeopathic kit that my grandfather, a surgeon and a homeopath, gave my father when he went off to war in WWII.


One larger vial says ‘Tartaric Acid,’ another one ‘M . . .’ something. To my surprise, I see the box has an owner name pasted on it, on an old paper label, Edwin W. Kellogg, so somehow the kit had belonged to me. I now recall my father gave me this kit when I went to college, but the appearance of the wood box surprises me. It looks recently made, of unfinished light colored wood.


From my left a different woman, short brown hair, a little plump, and looking in her 40‘s, comes over to me. She looks very pleased to see me – in fact she tells me she brought my old alchemist‘s kit in the hopes of attracting me with it. She looks at me and says, ‘Edwin W Kellogg Senior?’ I tentatively answer ‘Yes?’ but tell her she may have the wrong man. Although I have a Ph.D. in biochemistry, if she wants a medical doctor she may look for my grandfather.


She smiles, and says she wants the Edwin Kellogg the kit belonged to, and she wants my help with her medical condition. We go outside, and while walking, I become lucid, and tell her that we dream all this, but she looks confused and uncomprehending. However, I notice that she now looks younger, in her 30‘s, even in her 20‘s, and I tell her this. She looks flattered, but disbelieving, and I see her apparent age fluctuating before my eyes.


Finally, we arrive at a sort of a clinic. She asks me whether it seems a good idea to go to a foreign country for chemotherapy, where she can get it  more often than in the U.S., even 3x more. I see the pharmacist behind the counter shake his head negatively about this idea. I tell her that chemotherapy, no matter where you do it, in the U.S, or elsewhere, seems more likely to kill you than help you, and if you can get more of it outside of the U.S., it will just kill you faster.


However, I tell her that lucid dream healing might help – would you like me to try? She doesn‘t seem to understand what I mean – still doesn‘t realize that we dream – but she does lift up her skirt to show me the problem. Her legs look swollen and bruised, almost purple in color with darker patches from the chemotherapy treatments she‘s already had.


I ask her if she would like me to try healing her (leaving out any reference to lucid dreaming) and this time she nods ‘yes.’ I put my hands on her thighs to access the situation, but to my surprise the areas where I place my hands immediately turn into healthy pink flesh. She smiles delightedly and says ‘I knew I‘d found the right man!’ I don‘t understand – I hadn‘t any intent to do a healing at that point, but I decide to go with what works. I move my hands across her legs until they look healthy and normal.


To finish up I then I do an intentional lucid dream healing technique to make sure I haven‘t missed anything. I hold my hands out – palms towards her and chant, ‘From my hands healing energy shines, to heal your body with power divine!’ A gold light, like bright sunlight, emanates from my hands, filling her body with energy and vitality, hopefully getting rid of any diseased areas I may have missed with my laying on of hands.’ RWPR


Comment: Although I‘ve done a dozen or so lucid dream healings on others (LDHO‘s) over the years, this seems the first time that someone has apparently tracked me down for that purpose – and even by name. I wonder if now that Robert‘s book on lucid dreaming has become so popular, that perhaps in this case it motivated someone, who had read the chapter on lucid dream healing, to consciously or unconsciously seek me out specifically, in the hopes that I might help.


Although I‘ve had evidential and apparently successful LDHO‘s over the years, I could only validate those in which I knew the individual‘s I‘d done the dream healings on, and could contact them in WPR and find out whether they had experienced any physical improvements afterwards. In this case I have no idea of the name or contact information of the woman I healed in the dream, or even whether she has a WPR counterpart.


I found the immediate healing effect of my ‘laying on of hands’ in the dream interesting, because it occurred spontaneously, without any intention or expectation on my part that anything like this would happen, and wonder if perhaps this just seemed her faith in me having a healing effect, rather than my laying on of hands as such.