Ed Kellogg – A Hyper-Real Animistic Lucid Dream ©2014


10/7/2014 (pre-lucid to lucid) ―Inside my home (a dark wood, one story house with a metal roof, situated on top of heavily forested hill), with my brother Scott. I go outside to my driveway, but before I‘ve taken more than a few steps, I hear a ROAR to my left and see a large brilliantly white jet, with triangular wings like a Concorde or Space Shuttle, making a very steep ascent at almost 90‘ – right next to my house and so close to me I could have hit it with a stone. I can‘t believe it as it roars by, ascending almost straight up into the intensely deep blue, almost purple sky. I notice that everything looks amazingly clear and preternaturally vivid, the trees with their golden fall colors, the jet, even my house. I shout to my brother to come outside and see this, yelling, ‘You won‘t believe this – a jet came so close to me I could have hit it with a stone!’ But I hear only an unintelligible answer, and no one comes out.


Again the preternatural quality of the scene amazes me, and as I look at my house, I see it begin to transform, into a sort of living mechanical beast, the brown metal roof and dark wood sides becoming rounded and expanding into its chest and belly, as it begins to separate from and come out of the ground. It turns into a friendly giant beast, that I can tell feels well disposed towards me.


At this point I become lucid – but stay in a state of amazement and wonder. I now see that the “jet” has returned. I see it floating above the treetops, its nose pointed at me, looking at me somehow benignly and curiously, an intelligent look as if from a friendly giant bird. I toss a small white stone in its direction, and it makes it about halfway there, bouncing off of the roof of the house. The whole scene feels magical and wonderful – surreal and hyper-real – the clarity and beauty and vividness of colors easily surpassing that of a Maxfield Parish painting by far.” RWPR


Comment: I had this dream in the second week of the 2014 PsiberDreaming Conference, after participating in Seajay Crosson‘s “Is Everything Alive?” presentation thread. In part, Seejay proposed the thesis that in dreams that the counterparts of what we usually see as inanimate objects in WPR, might even seem living Beings possessing consciousness, an idea I‘d never really considered before. In my dream two what in WPR I‘d simply identify as unconscious ‘objects’ became playful animated entities, an enormous white jet,’ looking like a Concorde or space shuttle, acts like a giant friendly bird, while ‘my house’ becomes an animated ‘Transformer’ like robot-beast house, that reminded me a bit of a friendly enormous dog about to wag its tail. This dream has made me wonder about the supposedly inanimate objects I‘ve paid little attention to in dreams in general, treating them as background even in lucid dreams, because I unthinkingly carried over the same assumptions I make about their physical reality counterparts.