Drew S. – My Life Long Problems Solved in Lucid Dreaming


Since the beginning of April I had been trying for a lucid dream, and this was my first vivid one. I was in a cave with my family and two of my old friends. We were getting a tour with a guide, and were visiting many rooms, which are filled with bats. We reached the deepest point you could go, and we entered into a tall chasm. There were mirrors along the side of the room, and I quickly sprinted away from the group and saw myself in the mirror. My features were very blurred, while everything around me seemed vivid. I nearly woke up that moment when it clicked: I’m dreaming!


I whispered it to myself, and went back to the group. They all told me, “Congratulations! Your first lucid dream! Is there any way we could help you?” I responded by saying, “In just a second. I need to try something.” I moved them aside and got a running start, and then jumped. I was flying! I started laughing, and doing loop-da-loops in the air. The whole time I reminded myself I was dreaming. I looked down, and I felt like an eagle. It was amazing. My first try and I learned to fly!


After a bit I landed and started talking to my dream characters, “Is the mirror a portal to another land?” “Why of course!” Says the tour guide, “It will solve your problems! Go ahead. If you need me, give me a call.” I touched my finger tips to the mirror and was sucked in. I saw myself. Actually, I saw 5 me’s. I was on the football pitch, my favorite place in the world, and all around me current disputes I was having with people were occurring. I walked by each one, as listened to what I was saying. What I said ended the argument.


I called my spirit guide, and my parrot arrived on my shoulder. I asked him if this was the answer. He said, “Why of course! Is that not you, apologizing and ending disputes that have lasted a lifetime? Search your feelings,” and then he was gone. I smiled, and let myself fly sky high, and sleep on a sky full of clouds.


Then I had a false awakening. It was so real. The clock numbers looked right. I went downstairs and my family had a strawberry cheesecake with banners saying Congratulations! They all said, “I hope your first lucid dream was great! We saw it all!” Then I laughed, left my house, and flew to my hometown. I watched my old friends play football, and laugh and play, and then I woke up. It was an amazing experience, and I wrote it in my dream journal right away. I hope this encourages everybody to never give up. I’m 13 and am glad to have discovered this skill.