Dreamdeer – The Doll Shop in Lucid Dreaming

My first adult lucid dream happened in 1990. (I know this because of the place where I woke up, where I only lived for one year.) Preface: I have a doll phobia.

In the dream, I walk into a toy shop, and shelves line the place holding nothing but dolls. As I walk in deeper, all of the dolls slowly, creepily, turn to stare at me. Suddenly I stop and shout, “No, stop right now! I’m not having a nightmare tonight! Find some other way to communicate with me!” (The act of saying it out loud triggers my lucidity.)

Out of the back room run two hobbit-sized scientists, a man and a woman in cokebottle glasses and labcoats, apologizing profusely, insisting that they didn’t intend to send me a nightmare.

“If I see dolls, and I’m asleep, that is a nightmare!” I say angrily. “Give me something else instead!” And the scene dissolves and I enter a different dream.

I no longer remember what that dream was, except that its symbolism seemed clear to me even in the dream, and solved an issue that I worked with in waking life, and I could see how the dolls also could have symbolized the issue. Several nights later I dreamed of being cautiously approached by a lifesized, bashful rag-doll of W.C. Fields, apologizing for the earlier dream of the doll shop. I let him hug me and told him it was all right.