Douglas Bland – The Lion and the Babysitter in Lucid Dreaming


I was with my daughter and her mother. My daughter is now 22 years old, and in the dream she was still young and it was at time while I would still have been married to her mother. It was a nice sunny day and we were outside.


I saw a very large lion approaching and at first I was worried about my daughter and her mother. They end up moving away and the lion’s attention was focused solely on me. There was a picnic table between myself and the lion. My only plan was to turn the picnic table over to block the lion. I was thinking that there was absolutely no way I could escape. It was at this point that I became lucid.


I grabbed the lion by the neck and asked, ‘Who are you?‘ The lion turned into a three year old boy. He said something about a game show called ‘Triple 7’s‘ and that the mother or old lady was very mean.


Note: I believe this dream relates to some trauma I experienced when I was young. I remember a mean old grumpy babysitter my parents left me with once, while we were on a vacation. She came to mind while I was reviewing the dream after waking up. I have no idea what she did to scare the crap out of me but I do remember being very scared by the experience and elated to see my parents when they returned.