Doug Bland – I Love Mara in Lucid Dreaming

I wanted to share an interesting lucid dream I had Saturday morning 04/13/2013 before waking up. Initially I was in or under some kind of window. I pushed the window up and could kind of get my head out. There were other people around and I spoke with them but can’t remember what we said. I wasn’t scared but felt confined and somehow worked my way out. In hindsight it looked like a row of green house windows or something you could pivot up.

The next thing I remembered was running from a huge man or monster-type thing. I would stop and swing whatever I could get a hold of at this thing but couldn’t get this monster/man to stop chasing me. He smelled like he hadn’t taken a bath for a very long time and I was desperately trying to escape but he continued to run after me.

I entered a series of vertical box type structures. I kept climbing up each one with this thing following close behind. After climbing through three of four of these structures I realized I was dreaming. I immediately turned around to face this monster and ask who he was.

One or two structures below me I encountered a large beast with an animal body. I can’t relate what it looked like exactly. It had a large animal body with strange feet and hands. The head was of a young somewhat attractive woman. I grabbed it and asked who it was. She or it said she was Mara. Then there was something about love Mara and M.W.

I remember saying, ‘I love Mara’ before I woke up. I just looked up Mara on the computer and thought what I found was very interesting.