Dominic Oliver – Time Travel in Lucid Dreaming

It’s a summer day. I sit in a class room with the old elementary school style desk, I seem to be in elementary or middle school, I would guess maybe 6th grade. I sit next to a friend looking at a tablet device, which we never had access to back when I was in school. We’re doing a social studies assignment on it, but it’s not making any sense. I began to question why am I even in school. I’ve already gone through school many years ago; so this annoying irrelevant assignment doesn’t matter.

I then look around. It seems real enough. I look out into the school hall, kids walking back and forward in a non-stop flow of students. Behind me I see that there’s a random screen door like the one at my house, almost identical. Then I think, I could be dreaming. I am dreaming.

I look to my classmate and I don’t say anything. He goes to an app on the tablet. It’s just four empty boxes and a black background. You could type out any number up to four digits. I’m thinking this must have to do with time travel. I decide to test it and see what happens. I type in what I believe is the number 2945, or something close to that. The screen starts to blink on and off and the numbers roll in random order like the lottery, then they land back on the numbers I chose.

A bright light comes from behind us. When I turn around I see that the entire setting outside has changed. I see ice and snow and huge bushes that seem to move and lean on their own. I stand up, amazed. Of course I want to explore. Me and the classmate, who is a young girl with long blonde hair and freckles, go outside. I’m keeping in my excitement. I stare at my hands because I feel myself swaying from side to side and floating. I stare at  my hands to balance everything, which works. I don’t think about the dreaming to keep the illusion that I am actually here but also I don’t let myself forget and lose my awareness in the dream.

Everything is so detailed that I can’t explain everything to its certainty. We walk but don’t want to go so far. Then we see these huge bird-lizard creatures. They have round open beaks, like a horn. They seem to change colors and they make an alarm-sounding noise that I can’t even describe, something like a testing signal. One of the birds come to chase us.

In the distance is nothing but trees and snow, snow heavily falling from the sky. We return to the classroom to try again. This time we accidentally put the time in as 9000. It takes a while longer, and blinks on and off. Then the light flashes again. We look outside and what I see this time is something out of this world entirely. I see that the ground is no longer a solid substance; it isn’t dirt or grass or snow. It is like a holographic representation of what the ground was.

Then in the distance I see mechanical cities floating and fusing together; merging like a chemical to create a bigger city. Like mountains and the Everglades deciding to mix as one or hundreds. These huge spheres float around the city carrying beings made of light. They were translucent and naked. No race or gender. I awoke soon after, totally amazed.