Dominic Hawton – Deceased in Lucid Dreaming


This dream is from a few years ago (I was 18) and had a profound impact on me and is what really peaked my curiosity about dreaming, lucid dreaming in particular.


(I don’t recall any of the dream prior to becoming lucid) …I find myself lucid on the bottom floor of my cousin’s house. Ecstatic, as this is only my 4th ever lucid dream, I start walking around touching and feeling the chairs and table in his dining room, completely amazed at how real everything looks and feels. I walk past their lounge room and see K, my uncle, sitting down watching the TV. I can only see the side of his face but I notice that he has a swollen black eye. I ask him what happened and he replies solemnly, “It was the plasma TV.”


Confused by his response, I decide go and find J, my cousin. I remember saying in waking life that I would try and talk to him in my next lucid dream. I find J back in the dining room sitting on one of the chairs. “I’m dreaming!” I exclaim to him, “You’re in my dream!” At first he laughs at me in disbelief, but soon he’s walking around with me in awe, touching and testing the sensory fabric of the dream. I wonder if we’re both dreaming this at the same time.


I recall that I wanted to fly next time I was lucid in a dream. So, still in the dining room, I jump out and land hard on the floor. I get back up and think that maybe if I put my arm out like Superman I’ll be able to stay in the air. It works! I start flying around the dining/lounge room about waist-height. I decide to fly out into the backyard and fly up and see what my town would look like from above. I shoot out the back door and start ascending, but as soon as I reach the second floor I lose all power and plummet to the ground.


The sky has darkened by this point. I look up to see it glittering with thousands and thousands of stars like little diamonds imbedded in dark-blue felt. I look over to the shadows in the backyard and see a woman standing in the far right-hand corner. Curious, I walk over to see who she is. Upon getting closer I notice it’s E! I knew E when I was younger, about 10, and she was friends with my parents when we lived in the Seychelles. Sadly, after we left in 2002, she had a stroke and passed away. I had not heard or thought of her since then (7 years ago!).


She greets me warmly and says how she hasn’t seen me since I was this big (levelling her hand just below the height of my shoulder). “I saw you flying before, very impressive,” she says, “I used to be able to fly like you.” I ask her what she’s doing in my dream, to which she replies, “My husband, M, taught me to lucid dream before I died and it’s the only way I can make contact with the living.”


Shocked and slightly scared I walk backwards, aware that if I get too emotional (in these early days of lucid dreaming) that I’ll wake up and I want to explore the dream world more. I spin and stabilise the dream then walk back inside the house. I notice a photograph of K’s family on the wall that isn’t usually there in waking life, so I look intently at it as it morphs and changes into different faces and combinations of people I’ve never seen before. I decide to walk out the front of the house but as soon as I walk onto the street, and despite trying to spin again to stabilise the dream again, I wake.