Dee – Cats in Lucid Dreaming

I’m not sure when I realized what was happening in my dreams was real. My first memory is from when I was 10, shortly after my cat, Sassy, was euthanized from old age. Each animal I have had since then has had the same beginning, middle and end. The only difference is the time in my life.

Sassy came to me in my dream, real, rubbing up against me. I sat with her, petted her and told her how much I love her and miss her. She showed up off and on for at least two more years. The dreams seemed to be the same: she would show up, and I would sit with her, pet her and tell her I loved her. The last time she showed up, I sat with her, petted her, and she looked at me. I told her I know that she has to go and I will miss her. I opened the door to the house in which we lived, walked with her outside to the backyard and there was her grave, unearthed. She turned to me, and I kissed her one last time and walked back into the house.

When I was 14, my cat Piojo, died in my house and we did not find her for two days. I dreamt that she was waiting for me. She came to me in my dreams and would run under the bed. I told my mom that Piojo was missing and she found her under her bed. The dreams came more and more. I told my mom that she was visiting me in my dreams and she was still in our house. The last dream I have of her was when she appeared in my room and I sat and pet her. I told her she was a beautiful kitty and that I missed her and will miss her. I did my best to make peace with her that night as she had a rough life by way of harassment by the other cats and my sibling, who was at that time a hurt soul. She sat on my lap, curled up and slept for awhile as I pet her. She awoke, looked at me and I said I knew it was time for her to go. She walked to the back door (a different house); I opened it and there was her grave. I said one last goodbye and never saw her again.

This has happened with all my cats since. Two of them, Pandora and Natasha, actually communicated with me with words. They were not long, drawn out conversations, but basic words. Pandora told me that I was a good person and I did my best for her. Natasha told me that I was her mama. All of the animals who come to me after they have died feel real; they are warm to the touch, they smell real, and they are real. All of them say goodbye in their own ways and all of them walk out the back door and I never dream of them again.