Dean Clayton Edwards – Becoming a Werewolf in Lucid Dreaming


I was outdoors in an abstract area, faced with a man who was physically threatening. I decided to wake up, at which point I had practically told myself that I was dreaming … Although I was lucid now, I was surprised to find that the atmosphere was still threatening and so I considered that I needed to make myself less physically vulnerable.


At that time, I was writing a novella series featuring werewolves and becoming a werewolf was the first thing that came to mind. When I growled at him, it just sounded like me, but with concentrated effort the noise became half-human/half-wolf. At the same time, I made myself grow. My viewpoint in my dream shifted up by a foot or two as my dream body transformed. My hands became clawed and hairy. My muscles bulged. I felt powerful and resilient.


The dream character’s response, however, was to smile and growl back at me. Realising that I didn’t have full control of this very realistic dream, I thought my strategy was about to backfire. I had no intention of giving up though, because I hate a bully, and so I countered his aggression. I felt my facial features crack and shift, like something giving birth, just as I had described in my books.


Much more powerful than my aggressor now, I was enjoying this battle of wills. The thought that other dreamers might be giving that guy a hug and beaming love at him crossed my mind, but I’d committed to dominating him and thought that any back down would be disastrous. I happily prepared to rip him apart limb from limb, manga style if necessary.


His smile faded and he backed away, momentarily defeated. I was wary of letting my guard down, but  also keen to enjoy the lucid experience. Wary of a revenge attack, I thought it prudent to change location and so I leapt into the air … and flew.