David L. Kahn – Choosing Sunlight in Lucid Dreaming

Most of the lengthy dream had been non-lucid. I was in a scene about nearing the end of my senior year of high school. The main theme was a positive feeling of accomplishment and a sense of freedom.

I become lucid while walking alone down an empty school hallway. It is as though everyone else is in class or gone for the day. Something about the peaceful quietness prompts my lucidity and I say out loud, “This is a dream!” I notice the ceiling of the hallway is high and arched, with two windows on the far upper end. One of the windows is directly over the other. I look out of the windows from a distance, one at a time. The first window is on the bottom. Outside that window it is dark, either night or just before sunset, with clouds and perhaps a tinge of moonlight. I then look through the window above, which shows a daylight scene. I put my arms out in front of me and begin to fly, Superman-style, towards the windows.

I choose the daylight scene as the window to fly through. As I go through the window I immediately transfer into a new scene, which is outside on a bright sunny day. I am in the air with no buildings or human-made objects around. The sun is a big yellow ball of light in the sky. A tree partially blocks the view of the sun. Though I want to see the full sun and fly into it, the tree is also nice. I yell to the dream, “It is beautiful!” The light of the sun captivates me and I then yell out, “Thank you, God!” I wake up at that point with a sense of gratitude for beauty that is everywhere.