Dashiell Bark-Huss – Emotional Healing Dream with Nicole Kidman in Lucid Dreaming


I awoke in the middle of the night feeling sad. I decided that if I went back to sleep and had a lucid dream, I would attempt an emotional healing dream to fix this sadness. I went to sleep straight into a dream. I was with Nicole Kidman in my childhood home. I realized I was dreaming and remembered my intention to use my lucid dream for emotional healing.


Nicole Kidman looked a bit older and wore a long trench coat. She seemed sad. I told her she was beautiful. This appeared to make her even sadder. We went into a car together. I asked her what made her sad. She replied, “Inferiority.” I asked, “What makes you feel inferior?” “Other people,” she replied. I started to tear up, crying at the thought that Nicole Kidman, a beautiful talented movie star, felt inferior to others.


I asked, “So do you not feel sad when you are alone?” The question made me feel sad. Nicole didn’t answer, but slumped over in her seat as if she felt defeated. When I woke up, I felt the sadness in my chest was gone. I believe the dream helped me better understand my sadness and relieve me of it. It was very clear to me that Nicole represented a part of me that is talented and beautiful and brilliant but that is overwhelmed by a sense of inferiority.