Daryl3d – Three Lucid Dreams

After a dry spell that lasted a few months, I was determined to focus on some deeper goals I had on health and longevity. What followed was a trio of lucid dreams; the first two nights were concurrent, followed by a gap which allowed me to absorb the lessons before the final and third night.

Each lucid dream began as a WILD and followed a pattern where I “awoke” multiple times from the dream and then consciously re-entered the scene. (In each case it began as a WBTB, where I just clear my mind, focus on the darkness under my eyelids and affirm a few times that I will consciously enter my inner world)

Night One – Breaking the Past

I’m in a room with a close relative and look at my hands. As I stare intently, they expand in a weird way and catapult me from the room. Then they stabilize and I re-enter the room and see my grandfather (who’s no longer physical) enter a smaller room. The other relative follows. I decide not to enter this room and again look at my hands. A beam of light comes down beside me with lightning within it. I feel it is a symbol of my power. I awaken and then return…

Now I’m in car with the other relative. I hear a woman’s voice chattering. It’s coming from behind my neck, and it’s distracting, so I reach back and grab ‘it’. I pull it off me and let it go in front of me—it’s a ball of chattering energy. It starts to disperse. I awaken.

Night Two – The Healing Mirror

I’m in an average looking home in the South, with another older guy and two younger women. I realize I’m dreaming but decide to go with the flow. I want to create a healing and decide the other guy may be a projection of me, so I grab him and send him energy. He changes a bit, looking a bit younger and then sits down at a table.

I then walk into the kitchen where another lady is preparing a meal and notice a mirror. As I walk by I look into it to see how I look. The image is not stable, although I do appear more mature. I then send myself energy and give myself some healing affirmations and feel a slight change. Then I notice a very young beautiful woman about to go down a stairway and I want to show her my lucidity so I float/fly down the stairs to demonstrate the magic—this surprises her.

I then pair her up with the other guy I just healed to see if they’re a match. At a table I notice she ages a bit but has very thick blonde hair. I wake up and then return…

Back in the home, I decide to enter a bedroom to think about how to proceed with my healing task/goal. As I’m considering this, near my doorway is a stairway leading to an upper floor. I hear some people in conversation and then notice Donald Trump and an aide pass by my doorway and go upstairs. I’m intrigued— I’m thinking since I’m dreaming, I could float up through the ceiling and observe what they’re doing in a stealthy way, but then I awaken and then return…

Now I’m outside walking towards a small building. I enter it and images of food appear before me. I wonder what it would be like to taste some chicken and see a line of people waiting for food (like a fast food restaurant) but I decide ‘no’ and to leave and go back to the original home. As I’m walking, I again think about self-healing and again send energy to myself.

As I walk, some guy approaches me and asks if I want to sell my car. Since I’m quite clear I’m dreaming I find this kind of funny; do I really own a dream car? So I reply kind of smugly, “What car is that?” As we walk he leads me to a modified retro station wagon, like something out of Woodstock. It looks cool but I continue walking to the original building. A tow truck comes along and pulls a vehicle away from the front door, leaving another “half” vehicle in its place.

As I get close to the building I notice my reflection in the glass panel of the door. I can see the healing has progressed but now I look like a younger Russian dude. As I enter the building, I think about how the healing has progressed on its own and evolved throughout the dream. Then I wake up.

Night Three – This is a Dream

I’m very consciously aware. I’m in a scene where I’m wearing a hoodie and I’m amongst a younger group of college kids. One Hispanic girl wants to be my girlfriend. I leave the room and several times enter a bedroom to try to “shift” into lucidity (meaning greater power). This girl wants to come with me, presumably to have sex, but I’m more focused on attempting my shift.

On my last attempt as I exit the bedroom, walking down the hallway, I take a moment, look around and decide to just go with it. I say, “This is a dream.” No huge fireworks follow, my state of mind is still the same, but I say it to myself as to mean I will just simply treat this reality as a dream (to empower myself).

Now when I look at a wall mirror, I take off my hoodie and I’m healed. I approach the group of college kids and the woman who wanted to be my girlfriend is sitting in a chair. I sit down on the floor beside her in a lotus position and look her in the eye and start to levitate as if to show her that I’m lucid (and empowered). The group responds with a collective “gasp”. The dream continues for some time as I display my powers by doing various feats.

In one vision I’m seen throwing a shot put an incredible distance. When I pick up the ball, I notice the inner part blew out upon impact with the ground due to the force of my throw. Later, I’m walking down the street and meet up with the group of college kids, and the Hispanic woman and her friend. At one point there seems to be a dark presence beyond the perimeter of the street. The end of the street itself is also dark, sort of like a veil/boundary into another area. The “ p r e s e n c e ” itself is dark and shadowy but I’m able to keep it at bay with my power.

I’m saying farewell to this group as I’m ready to move on to my ultimate goal, which is to connect with my Inner Self. I again awaken and this time stay awake. These dreams were filled with a number of interesting metaphors and real life connections that may not be apparent when reading along. For example, the scene where I decide not to eat for me has a connection to the physical.

In the weeks leading up to these dreams I’ve been watching some videos online from well known breatharian Ray Maor, who has a 10 day initiation to train people how to “reset” their body and its beliefs and allow it to draw “universal energy” for nourishment rather than just getting energy from the chemical reactions we have from the food we eat.

This is not necessarily to eliminate food but to allow food to become a  choice. Many of the metaphors like this and others within the dream were helping me change and evolve my thought process and lead me to my ultimate goal, which is to both understand and allow lucidity itself to simply be a choice.