Daryl3d – The 5-Way Thread in Lucid Dreaming

I’ve written about my lucid dreams in the past here at LDE. They normally followed a predictable pattern where I’ll have a series of 4-5 lucid dreams in a row in which I’ll physically awaken in-between the dreams before re entering the dream . . . kind of like the movie Groundhog Day, where I’m either repeating the same dream from the start or re-starting the dream where I previously left off.

I’ve since evolved to a point where I enter a lucid dream and experience a series of dreams without waking up, basically jumping lucidly from dream to dream. Here is a series I had on August 12, 2018 that involved gratitude on the entry:

I’m awake at 7:14 a.m.; I’m feeling tired, but more importantly my head feels heavy and congested. I drink some water, go to the bathroom, and do some deep breathing but it doesn’t help. So I decide on another strategy that would involve the LDE request.

As I lay in bed, I imagine a friend I’ve met in a previous dream experience. I ask this friend to blend with me, to take this heavy energy from me and discard it, to help my clarity and focus. In my imagination I don’t really see an image clearly but I try to feel the reality of this in my mind as much as I can. After a few minutes, I’m surprised at how clear my head is. To cap this off, I pour as much gratitude as I can muster to this friend who is standing before me in my imagination, thanking him for his help. A few moments later I’m amazed as I transition very quickly into a dream with no break in consciousness and with incredible clarity.

1. I’m a bit off guard as to how fast this occurred. I’m in a large movie studio and I notice a movie is being shot with Jeremy Renner. I don’t have anything pre-planned so I decide to just follow the action. I follow the actor for awhile and then decide to show the director that I’m lucid by jumping up and floating. He smiles at me; he seems amused. I’m actually quite high in the rafters and continue doing some tricks, before going to an adjoining room where the camera is pointed.

2. I then move through the darkness until I feel a flow of water, like I’m in a shallow waterfall (near the edge). I splash water on myself as a healing gesture, and feel myself different, healed, changed.

3. I then transition onto a bus. It appears older, with antiques, like something out of the Orient Express. Again, with no plan, I decide to just explore my surroundings. On a lower deck of this bus are some parking spaces for cars, and there I notice one spot that I intuitively know would fit my vehicle.

4. I then shift and enter a bedroom, which I promptly exit. I’m in an older manor with people living next to the bedroom. They tell me something about going “beyond the gates” so I exit the home and find myself in a large gated compound with many unusual, unique, old style manors. I go up to the gated entrance and think about going beyond and, as I do, two people in unusual costumes walk up to me. I say to them, “I know this sounds unusual, but where am I and where exactly is this place?” A woman replies, “Natural Spartan Way in Rhodes.” I’m trying to think about this location and think what she may have meant was Rhode Island.

Shortly after this, I awaken (physically) and consider this experience. Many of the symbols have meaning for me as to the transition I’m having in my own life. In addition, many images from some of the movies and videos I’ve been watching lately on YouTube and Netflix had also been woven metaphorically into the dream. I decide to try and enter the dream one more time, but this time with a plan of action. Unfortunately, I entered a vivid but non-lucid dream that capped off my experience.

5. I’m now at the director’s home (from dream 1), standing on his deck. A large number of people are sitting at the entrance of a large circular patio door. I’m trying to tell them that I had a dream about this before. I have a pen with four buttons on top; it’s a remote control that could close the patio door. I try and demonstrate this by pressing the button and closing the door but there are too many people sitting in the entrance. I then move on to a number of tables with food on them and fix myself a plate, but I feel strangely out of place and not sure if I feel welcome by the people there.