Daryl3d – Astral Yogi in Lucid Dreaming

I went to bed around midnight and woke up three hours later. That night I was experimenting with the DreamZ app, but now as I lay still trying to achieve a Wake-Initiated Lucid Dream, I found it would mistake my physical stillness for R.E.M.-stage sleep and play my pre-recorded message, “This is a dream, take charge…” and wake me up before I could enter the dream.

Since I was physically awake (for real) I decided to turn off the app and instead listen to a meditation recording that encouraged me to lucid dream. After laying there awhile listening, I heard a noise coming from somewhere in the house, so I got up and walked down the darkened hallway a bit dazed, not seeing very well. I found that my sister and mom had let themselves in and were in my kitchen.

My sister is from Tucson (I’m in Canada). I think she just came up to surprise me as she’s done in the past. Everything was in place and looked so real; I thought to myself, this just can’t be a ream. But I decided to check and tried to float forwards and dang it, I started to levitate… so I said, “Sorry Deb, this is a dream,” and floated through the ceiling.

Now I’m in another living room and thinking about practicing some dream yoga (I had just done a course with Andrew Holecek and read his Dream Yoga book so his list of techniques/activities were on my mind). I start to fly (activity 1) and then as I get to the large living room window I slow down to see about going through it (activity 2). I hesitate for a moment, thinking about Andrew’s sometime problem of bouncing off walls rather than going through them, but I relax and I put my hands through the glass, which feels like going through a film of liquid. Then I fly onto the street, where it’s light out now, and stand at a crossroads watching vehicles drive by. Here I decide to change things (activity 3).

First, I hold my right hand up and wave it left to right to change the entire world before me… the sky blurs a bit but it doesn’t change. I get some strange looks from people driving by. I do this several times with the same results so I conclude I need to start smaller. I go up to an object and make it bigger, then shrink it. I do this a few times.

Next I see someone on the street and decide to enter their body (activity 6). I go to the back of this woman and try to merge. When I enter her, my vision becomes dark, I don’t feel too much… then I wake up.

I get up and walk down my darkened hallway and decide to check if I’m dreaming again. I will myself to fly/float down the hallway and, as I’m floating, realize I’m still dreaming. So I decide to try the “merging” technique again and fly through the roof and into another living room….

My aunt is there; she’s younger than she is now and she’s with her boyfriend. “I want to show you something that will be good for your back,” I tell her, mainly to make an excuse to go behind her and merge. I start to enter, and at first it’s dark and muddled but as I fully enter her I can now see through her eyes.

I wonder how it may feel to be her but I don’t feel any profound emotions. I get a sense that she’s wondering what the heck is happening and her boyfriend is a bit bewildered, too. I wake up again, in my bed, but this time in the physical.