Daryl3d – Adventure into Infinity in Lucid Dreaming

I wanted to provide my fellow dreamers with a sample of one of my preparations for lucid dreaming. This one was back in June 10, 2018. It demonstrates how our abilities evolve over time.

I go to sleep at 1:00am and get up around 1:40am. I’m rested but need to clear my mind, so I lie down and fall asleep again and wake up around 3:50am. I think about my approach and best plan of action; because I’m focused on healing, I feel if I want to find a “solution” I need to deal with my blockages and resistance directly in the dream and I am determined to do so.

I’m experiencing some ringing in my ears and pressure. I focus on relaxing and lie on different sides of my body. Eventually my mind clears and I look into the darkness under my eyelids. At first, I feel something — a blob of energy — connected to me, holding onto me. I try to separate from it, but can’t. I’m struggling. I physically turn my body and lie on the other side and start to see images. I’m able to “roll out” and stand up. I don’t see any other energy in the room, so I walk outside and look for a solution. I end up sending energy to myself which represents a healing.

With that complete, I’m now thinking about another goal, which is to become a bear (transforming into an animal is something I’ve always wanted to try.) I get down on all fours and tell myself I want to become a bear. I start to growl. I can see other bears in the yard; people begin to run away. I’m running along on my hands and knees. After awhile I look at myself and see I really didn’t grow any fur or feel much like a bear. I need to go deeper.

But I end up waking up on my bed, and as I sit up I see a man and a woman in my room. “How was it?” the guy asks. “Great,” I say, “but I need to go deeper ‘cause I really didn’t feel . . .” Then I pause and look around. “Wait a minute, I’m still dreaming, right?” The guy nods his head and the room dissolves. Now I’m walking around in the house and go into another bedroom, fully aware that I’m still dreaming.

A woman is lying in bed and mistakes me for her husband. I crawl into bed with her and we begin to talk, but it’s like we’re doing a commercial. I’m actually starting to get sexually stimulated. Then out of the bathroom on the other end of the room her husband and kids appear and approach the bed, but they are not alarmed by me being there.

I find this unusual so I leave. I start thinking about Robert Monroe. He often talked about there being different levels to the phase when you shift out, so I start looking for a portal, and as I turn the corner one appears in the form of an open doorway. There are stairs leading downward so I head down. I decided to go down at least two levels.

I now enter a large room and start observing my surroundings. There are people standing in line so I join them and next to me is a slightly taller black woman. She tells me she wants to get married to me. I say, “Alright,” and I’m trying to follow her line of thought as we walk together. Because she’s slightly taller, I try to grow a bit to see her eye to eye. “I need to bring a man to will,” she says. I’m sort of going along with it as we walk and talk, trying to understand what she’s about.

After a while, we are joined by another black man. “Are you alive in the real? I mean, in the illusion?” I ask him, trying to figure out if either of them are asleep somewhere and dreaming this with me right now. I’m really marveling on how clear and stable everything feels. I’ve been here for quite awhile and it feels like I can be here for as long as I want. It also feels as though I had uncovered some “inner” city which was almost objective in nature.

I eventually get to the head of the line, which is a dead end; as I turn to go back, it seems like the people are trying to trap me. I want to leave but they’re blocking me and I’m starting to struggle. Eventually I wake up.

Just a few notes on this experience: With my original plan I wanted to meet and resolve my resistances head on. I thought I would meet them in some form when I started lucid dreaming. In this case, it appears I met it head on in the very beginning of the experience when I was attempting to shift into the dream. I just didn’t realize at the time. But when I got past that “blob of energy,” I really didn’t experience any more resistance when I went to heal. This eventually led to a very prolonged lucid experience including my initial false awakening. Another interesting point is I recounted this dream to another lucid dreaming buddy. When I started to tell him I went down a few levels of stairs (a symbol of going deeper into my unconscious), he immediately thought that I would have to deal with some type of conflict, which ended up being true. Being aware that conflicts are almost inevitable when we go deeper helps us to prepare to deal with them. As my experience illustrates, dealing and resolving them in the beginning can lead to a high degree of lucidity.