Danna B – Thermonuclear Scientist in Lucid Dreaming

I dreamt I was at my paternal grandmother’s house. (She is deceased in real life). I went out the back door and went to my car. It was a silver car. I was excited and semi-lucid in that I thought I got a new car. When I looked along the side and saw that it was dented and rusted in spots, I was disappointed that it wasn’t a nicer car.

Then I said to myself, “Oh, I’m dreaming.” There was a man next to his car, to the right of mine. He was standing there watching me. I was looking around thinking about what I should do since I was lucid. I remembered the technique that Robert Waggoner talked about in his book on lucid dreaming where you shout out, “Show me something important!”

I looked up toward the sky. There was a tree near me, and a branch was close and I saw three leaves right in front of me, almost looking 3D. I ignored that and the man, even though I felt a little embarrassed doing this in front of him. I said loudly, “Show me something important.” Nothing. I tried it again only added the word “Please” after it, in case I was being rude. Nothing again.

The man then came over to me. He was probably in his late 40s, slim, with salt-and-pepper hair. He told me he was a Thermonuclear Scientist. He said he tried using his mind to try and change the temperature around him even just a fifth of a degree but to no avail. He then said something that I don’t remember specifically, but I said back, “Oh, enjoy what you do.” He disagreed, and said that I had misunderstood what he meant.

The scene changed, and then we were standing next to an open coffee shop. I saw a woman waiting tables that I knew from junior high and high school. I’ve always wanted to reconnect with her. I called out her name: “Kari!” I felt a little bad that I ended the conversation with the man, but I was excited to see her. She looked at me and I didn’t say anything, hoping she would recognize me. She did and we hugged and were so happy to see each other.

The man had walked past me and sat down at a table. Kari and I talked about how long it had been since we saw each other. Maybe 34 years. We then went and sat down near the man and Kari held out her hands to each of us, wanting all of us to hold hands since it was a happy occasion. I was wondering if she knew the man. The dream ended.

I had another snippet of a dream where I was sitting in a fairly dark room. There were two other people in the room that I think I also knew from childhood. One was on either side of the room. I knew I was dreaming, and looked at a fireplace in front of me and said again, “Show me something important.” Nothing. Again I said, somewhat sheepishly, “Show me something important, please.” Nothing.

When I woke and thought about what the man was trying to say, it was more along the lines of, “It doesn’t work that way,” rather than “enjoy what you do.” I think he said he quit trying to manipulate with his mind and maybe it was more like going with the flow of things. Maybe next  time I’ll ask what I’m supposed to do now that I am aware I am in my dreamspace. And what exactly is that to those who are there? (I haven’t asked these questions lucidly, yet.)

[Note to Danna from co-editor Robert Waggoner: In my books, I emphasize that the exact wording of a request or question seems very important. For example, the request, “Show me something important” might result in seeing a President, or a Queen, or a Thermonuclear Scientist. But the request, “Show me something important for me to see!” will likely result in seeing something of significance and importance to you (and not a generic thing of importance). I hope you will try this again, and use the phrase, “Show me something important for me to see!”]