Danielle – The Happy Bus Man in Lucid Dreaming

About a year ago I had been practicing lucid dreaming and tried to have one every night. I only had a few, but there is one that will always stand out to me:

I walked onto a bus or subway car with a bunch of people; they looked like college students. There was a young, blonde man sitting inside the bus greeting everyone who came on. He wasn’t in the driver’s seat, he was in the middle of the aisle on a swivel chair. He was a very happy guy, and as I was entering the bus I realized I was dreaming.

I was incredibly excited. I looked at the blonde guy and said, “Tell me something important.” He smiled at me, and looked just as excited to tell me. He went on and on, smiling the whole time, and I stopped being lucid after the conversation. When I woke I couldn’t remember a single thing he had said. I guess I let my excitement get the best of me, and was too focused on the fact that I was finally able to talk to a dream figure. I learned to focus harder and keep myself grounded in the dream, to be more aware of what’s happening.

Something even more weird is when I told my boyfriend about it, he said he had a similar dream. In his he wasn’t lucid, but he was entering a bus and a blonde man (he had a mustache this time) in a striped suit, also sitting in a chair in the middle of the aisle, was happily greeting everyone and excited to talk to them.