Dan Ugelow – There is No I in Lucid Dreaming


I walked outside of a house in some suburban area, instinctively knowing it was a dream. With an urge to fly, I thought I did not need to use my body to soar, only the will to want to fly.


With this thought, I lifted off the ground and began to move towards the sky. It was night out and the sky‘s moon lit up the clouds to create “naturally” illuminated pockets.


As I flew higher my body disappeared. I was simply thought and awareness. I decided to look at my hands because I felt such a striking change within myself in the dream. My left hand beamed with bright white light with a tinge of blue and my right hand was non-existent except for a brief outline. My mind had trouble constructing my body after a realization there was no body to begin with.


I remember thinking that I am not a body, nor anything but a thought, because this was only a dream; that I am manifesting a form to compliment my waking reality in which I have a body. I reflected that at my essence I am only consciousness and perception through consciousness…