d.was – This Must Be a Dream

This happened when I was 17 or 18, roughly in mid-summer of 2013 while I was on vacation with my family, taking place in a less than comfortable bunk bed and sandy sheets (seemingly unavoidable in the hotel near the beach). After periodic tossing and turning, combined with my need to play Candy Crush at 5 AM just after being woken by the garbage collection, I returned to my slumber…and my dream began:

I was riding in the passenger side of someone’s car, speeding down Pennsylvania Route 145—a popular road in the Allentown area, where I reside. To my surprise, the unknown driver was shooting at the car in front of me. And as the dream developed, a car following me was trying to shoot us as well. Wonderful. The chase did not last long and shortly after being shot at, my car had burst into flame. Not a little, I mean entirely charred like a forgotten piece of toast.

I had concluded right away, with little hesitation, that I was in a dream—I should have not survived that inferno. With little effort my setting had gone from car fire to a dojo, very similar to where Neo sparred Morpheus in the original Matrix film. I needed to fight my way to survival at this point. I still had someone trying to attack me, but with my advantage of lucidity, I was able to out maneuver my enemy by jumping super human heights.

I vividly recall the feeling of jumping over 10 feet vertically to climb into the rafters. He started hiding in closed doors that were secured shut. At this point it was pure excitement as I created a high- powered rifle in my own hands. I didn’t just stop there, I made it fully automatic. With extreme accuracy I was able to shoot the door open with perfectly placed shots right next to each other, cutting the door cleanly in half, comparable to those awesome Dutch doors that I always wanted in my house. And as all good things must end, my first experience in the lucid dream world ended on a cliff hanger.