Craig Webb – April 25 2008 J. Present As I Go Astral Lucid and Pulse with 1Hz Energy in Lucid Dreaming


J. is nearby, looking at me expectantly. I feel these strong energies starting to move through my ‘body’ and I quickly look at my hands, realizing I’m dreaming or that it’s an OBE or astral experience of some sort since J. left a while ago. I lie back to surrender and let the energy move through me.


It begins alternately pulsing the left and right sides of my body at about 1 Hz or so. Very interesting how all the muscles contract and then let go in a rhythm all on their own. I’m not sure if I’m in a dream or awake, or most likely somewhere between in an astral state of some sort because I sort of wake up in bed a little while later and am very intrigued.